A Vision for Pickens Middle School

In an encouraging and nurturing environment, the faculty and staff of Pickens Middle School will work to maximize the potential of each student academically, socially, and physically as we strive for excellence. It is our goal to prepare each student every day to be college- and career-ready upon graduation. 

Our Mission

Pickens Middle School, in partnership with parents and the community, emphasizes high academic achievement, career awareness, and citizenship through diverse learning opportunities in a secure and caring environment. A variety of teaching methods and the inclusion of technology enhance challenging instructional programs that meet the needs of our student population.

Our Beliefs

  • Students are our top priority.
  • Learning and education are lifelong processes.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of parents, students, community, and school.
  • All students must have access to equitable educational opportunities.
  • All students are unique and valuable.
  • All students and staff should have a safe and caring learning environment.
  • All students need the skills to adapt to a technologically changing world.
  • Cultural diversity awareness promotes full development of the individual and society.
  • Service Learning is important to the development of a student's sensitivity and community awareness.
  • Today's schools shape tomorrow's workforce.