Regular attendance is required if students are to be successful in school. Students are expected to be in attendance daily face to face and virtually. Absences can be a major reason for low academic achievement in school. Each student enrolled in the School District of Pickens County is expected to attend school 180 days per school year.

Conditions under which a student's absence from school shall be excused are:
*Student's personal illness (a physician's statement may be required).
*COVID-19 quarantine or isolation.
*Illness in the family requiring temporary help from the student (a physician's statement may be required).
*Death in the immediate family (not more than five days shall be excused).
*Observance of religious holidays.
*Absence due to a school-approved activity.

Any student absent more than 10 days in the school year (180 days), except when such absences are excused by the District Board of Trustees designee, may not be promoted at the close of the school year. Every student must bring a note or doctor's statement within three days of returning to school. Once a student has three consecutive unexcused absences or five cumulative unexcused absences, a meeting must be held with the student, his or her parent, and the School Intervention Specialist. Further unexcused absences by the student will result in a referral to the Director of Student Services. A doctor’s excuse is required after a student has accumulated a total of 10 absences – excused or unexcused.